Newborn Preparation Guide

How to Prepare for Your Session!


Relax, and enjoy this time. It will be fun and easy! 

We want to make this as easy for baby, you and us as possible. So baby MUST be kept awake for at least 2 hours prior to the session. We know this is tough, but schedule your day for success. Get baby to sleep before the two hour mark. Wake baby up with a bath, visual and physical and auditory stimulants just to name a few for some ideas. 

Before leaving, change baby into a fresh diaper and only a diaper. Pack baby away in only that and blankets to keep baby warm. This makes it easier to move into the session. 

Give baby a big feeding right before allowing baby to go to sleep in the car/ putting baby into the car seat. This will help conk baby out. 

If baby has dry skin, moisturize only the night before. 

Please bring a pacifier, for the very short amount of time, this will not cause nipple confusion, but will make the session go smoother just in case. 

Make sure to dress co-ordinated and well yourselves! We suggest bringing a second shirt/ pants in case baby goes to the washroom on you!