The Masterpiece

Size A (Recommended wall size minimum of 66 inches tall and 75 inches wide)

5 24x16 Canvas

4 20x16 Canvas

$770.00 +hst

Size B (Recommended for wall size minimum of 34 inches tall and 38 inches wide)

5 12x8 Canvas

4 8x8 Canvas

$275.00 + hst

The Symphony 

Size A (Recommended for wall sizes minimum of 37 inches tall and 70 inches wide) 

3 16x12 Canvas  (6 if you would like no space for decor) 
1 24x16 Canvas
1 36x24 Canvas

$335.00 + hst -  $485.00 +hst

Size B (Recommended for wall size of 25 inches tall and 50 inches wide) 

3 12x8 Canvas (6 if you would like no space for decor) 
1 16x12 Canvas
1 24x16 Canvas

$245.00 + hst- $350.00 + hst

Custom Art

Tell us the size of your wall, and how many photos you would like to display from you gallery and we will make something custom for you to the best of our ability! 

This can include Doubles, Trios, and Quartets! 


8X8 $25.00 plus hst

12X8 $35.00 plus hst

12X10 $40.00 plus hst

14X10 $40.00 plus hst

12X12 $40.00 plus hst

16X12 $50.00 plus hst

20X10 $50.00 plus hst

24X12 $75.00 plus hst

20X16 $80.00 plus hst

24X16 $90.00 plus hst

20X20 $90.00 plus hst

24X20 $95.00 plus hst

24X24 $100.00 plus hst

30X20 $105.00 plus hst

30X24 $110.00 plus hst

40X20 $160.00 plus hst

36X24 $105.00 plus hst

30X30 $160.00 plus hst

40X30 $200 plus hst

How Do I Make My Order?

Easy! Go on your online gallery and Favourite the images you would like to use!  (put a heart on them)
Then tell us which image number you would like in which sizing to [email protected]
Don't know what you want? We can help with that too ! We will suggest ideas based on what images you favourited and the wall size. 

We will return you with your order confirmation and provide you with more details.